Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm currently framing artwork for my Aug. 5th Arts on the Arcade show and In the process Ive rediscovered some hidden gems. These are a few of my series of Suminagashi papers created while listening to The Lord Of Rings books on tape. Lately Ive been listening to NPR and classical radio while marbling, perhaps I should explore the fantasy/sci-fi genre again. Although it seems like whatever happens to be floating around in my mind while creating a new piece comes out in the the finished work. For instance, while working as a cook professionally and reading Anthony Bourdain, I created many works that referenced interesting vegetable forms.

Friday, July 10, 2009

summer sale dates

Arts on the Arcade
I will be selling prints, papers, and t-shirts in Downtown Boston on July 15th, August 5th, and August 26th. The art fair runs from 11-3 every wednesday this summer. It is located outside of the boston city hall at City hall plaza and Cambridge street. if you can't make it and still want some of my work check out some of the items I have on etsy

First Post!

Hello Blogland,
I am a fine artist specializing in handmade paper, printmaking, and marbling. I tend to post photos of my work at there's also a website with older work at I do sales and shows in the Boston, MA area. The dates and times for these will be posted here, and through my mailing list. In addition to selling my original artwork, I sell hand pulled print editions, and photo reproductions of my marbled work. I also run a cooperative paper making studio called the Boston Paper Collective which i teach workshops out of, information can be found at

I hope this blog can educate my collectors and interested people about the techniques I employ to create my work.

~Melinda Cross
I made a photo album of my marbling process in picasa. I'm experimenting with marbling on wood, I did some book covers this way a few years ago. The only problem I'm having is with air bubbles, this might be related to the thickness or weight of the boards I'm using. Click on the link below to view the album.
marbling on wood