Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Small originals for 45.00

In Columbus, Ohio there was this amazing artist when I was growing up, Paul Voker. He would have his table every year at the community festival selling small, original art pieces, which were usually humorous and around 45 dollars each. My parents, who at the time did not own any art besides my mother's, bought a few of his pieces and now prize their small collection.

I have come to realize that he was one of my major inspirations when i decided to become an artist. My experience was with artists working in public spaces, in the community, and those that would share the secrets of how they made their creations with a inquisitive child ( I wanted to know how to make anything). It is in the spirit of these people that I will begin offering some of my original marbled prints for 45.00 framed. The prints are 4.5 inches square and presented in 8in matts, they are 35.00 unframed. Tomorrow (Wednesday August 26) they will be a new addition to my booth at government center from 11am-3pm and will also appear on my etsy page.

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